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Everyone would love to be at the beginning of some opportunity. Now, what if you are at the beginning of something, and already know that it can succeed and you can reap a large reward at the same time. Well, let me just explain what has happened, what is about to happen, and why is this quite different?
Energy deregulation is an interesting situation because it is still new, and also there is a distinct benefit to only state or utility opening at a time. That is, the average person can benefit because it does not open nationwide. Let me clarify in this short post.
Ambit Energy has just completed its fifth birthday. There is no question that it is immensely successful. In the fall of 2010, it was recognized as the fastest growing privately held company in the US. Amongst direct selling companies, according to the Direct Seller’s Association, Ambit Energy is now the 31st largest direct selling company. The companies ahead of it are in business on an average for over 40 years, and are conducting business in 10 to 16 countries. Ambit Energy recently opened up territories beyond its third state. Ok, it’s growing at an incredible rate but what about the opportunity for people today?
The potential market size in the US residential market is approximately $500 billion. Now, some of the states will not be worthwhile for business, either because of profitability or regulations. However, the current market that Ambit is selling energy to is just over $40 billion. So, let’s play a little scenario here. We know that a large number of people are already making very significant incomes. We also know the system that Ambit Energy uses for its sales through independent consultants is working with. After all, it was recognized as number 1 on the Inc Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing companies.
Let’s assume that someone just started their Ambit business, today. Let’s also assume that there was an earthquake, and TX, NY, and IL fell into the ocean. You now have in front of you this incredible opportunity with over $400 billion market to compete and you absolutely know that the situation is incredible, and that the company and its system will work. Can you ever start at a better opportunity? Remember, wherever Ambit goes, nobody has a single customer until the market opens. So, when other people talk about the importance of being at the beginning, you know that you are there. It is the beginning of the next $400 million of retail energy market in the US.
Oops, I forgot one item. All these numbers were for residential. Ambit is also now selling in the commercial market. So the opportunity is larger.
Oops, I also forgot to remind you that this explanation was limited to the US. Ambit may very well go into other markets. Now, one final mention, Ambit Energy is a strong business model that relies on residual income. It is absolutely not a get rich quick scheme, but it has huge potential, probably better than anything you have ever seen. Ambit uses the MLM model for it’s distribution system. This gives it the high customer loyalty. My brief evaluation of Ambit Energy as a residual income source is reviewed in Evaluating a Company

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  1. At last! Sooemne who understands! Thanks for posting!

  2. Can you update your saving chart for California?

  3. Thomas O'Grady, PhD says:

    I don’t have any intention of including gas in the chart. There would be too much space taken by including it. If you are primarily in one market that should be easily solved with the flyer in PowerZone. However, use the info as follows:
    1. The chart is a great representation as to how Ambit Energy maintains lower prices that all the incumbents. The savings varies, but the message is, ‘you can depend on Ambit Energy.’ While it is up to the company, not us, by flagging this chart we are displaying their efforts.
    2. If you are with a potential or existing customer, use the calculator. Take the price they are paying that is on their bill; enter Ambit’s price and click on calculate to show them the savings!
    Good Luck.

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