Steve Thompson Did It, Can You do it with Ambit Energy?


Ambit Energy's Steve ThompsonHave you seen the interview? Steve Thompson, Ambit Energy’s number two income earner, is now making over $350,000 a month. He earned over $8 million in his Ambit business over the last 5 1/2 years. Can you even imagine that? Really now, for you and I, what is important? What does it mean for you? How can it help you?

There are really only a couple of questions here. How is it done? How did he do it? Also, can you do it? When I refer to ‘can you do it’, I really have two thoughts come to mind. Is it still possible to take advantage of this opportunity? Secondly, can you do the kind of things Steve did?
First, I’ll address the issue is it still possible? Ambit Energy is currently in six states: Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland and New Jersey. Its seventh state, Connecticut, is opening today. It would be fair to say that only a sliver of the country was opened and met Ambit Energy by now. Even in the early states, there is plenty of opportunity. Texas and New York are growing rapidly. Texas has been open for 5 1/2 years and is growing faster than ever. The four other states are still in their infancy. With all this income and only a fraction of the country started yet, it’s clear that the energy market and the energy MLM is a great marriage.

So, we know that there is income to be made, and that Ambit Energy is in its early building stage. The next question is can and how do we do it?
In the interview article, Steve Thompson gave the blueprint of information one needs for ‘how to do it.’ The hard part is can you do it. Well, the most difficult part are you able and willing to be coached. In the interview, Steve points out how he continually tries to learn from others. So, here we have someone that we would consider eminently successful, making more money than most people would ever imagine, and yet he continues to train and educate himself. Steve mentions that he doesn’t even know his own mentors personally and names them for us, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, etc.

The hardest part for most people, is actually listening and not changing something that already works. You may have to adapt the words of Rohn or Kiyosaki to your business. So, how can you learn? You can make the most of your time by listening while commuting in your car or waiting for a child to complete a practice, or doctors offices or wherever you have to wait and listen to these mentors share their knowledge. Then, continue the education process and follow up by attending the available training provided by your company or its leaders. It should go without saying, never miss a training opportunity when Steve or another topic ambit leader is in your neighborhood.


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