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Energy deregulation is sweeping across the nation. Already over $100 Billion out of the total $500 Billion in energy usage is already deregulated. In New York State, one of the former monopolies, New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) lists recommended questions to ask of the new supply companies. It is good to look carefully as there are many companies out there. But, no matter what, do take advantage of energy deregulation. You will save money if you choose carefully and follow NYSEG’s advice.

NYSEG recommends that its customers choose an ESCO, energy supply company, by asking the following questions (These questions and the following is straight from the NYSEG web site):

Before you select a supplier (also known as an energy services company or ESCO), consider their answers to these questions. For full disclosure, I represent Ambit Energy as an Executive Consultant. I have listed the answers for Ambit:

Question posed Answers for Ambit
  • What is your charge per usage (kilowatt-hours or therm) for energy supply?
  • Guaranteed, in writing, to be less than the incumbent, NYSEG, Nat. Grid, Con Ed, or Nicor.
  • Is this a fixed charge or does it vary depending on: market price, time-of-day or use?
  • It does vary just as the incumbent, NYSEG does. Because of that, it is possible you may have a month that is slightly more, but you are guaranteed to pay less by at least 1%. If you don’t pay less, you will get a check for 1% plus the difference. You receive a statement at the end the year comparing and showing your savings
  • What is the length of the agreement or contract?
  • NO CONTRACT, the customer may leave any time
  • Is there a security deposit, cancellation fee or other fees?
  • There is no deposit nor cancellation fee in either NY or IL
  • Do you have any incentives for signing up with you?
  • A customer signing up gets a certificate for a 3 day/2night stay at any of over 25 places just for being a customer, and can get free energy through referrals.
  • Do you guarantee savings?
  • YES
  • When will I be billed for energy supply and are your charges included in my NYSEG bill?
  • Charges are included in your current bill.
  • What procedures are in place if I have a question or a complaint with you as my supplier?
  • We have customer service available from Ambit as well as a personal consultant to assist you. For delivery and service, nothing changes, you still call the same NYSEG.


By the way, Ambit Energy is the only company that can answer these questions with such positive answers.

Any questions or interest, you may send me a message at or go to for more info about being a customer.

If you are interested in doing what I am doing, you can go to

If you are just curious about me, this is what Ambit Energy wrote about me recently.

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    many people said that basically each of us is a marketer …. we got money from ‘selling-buying’ activities..

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  3. Right now, this blog is mainly for writing about some of my interests. Eventually, I will split it into 2 or 3 separate blogs as they are not closely related. Don’t worry about your English, I’m glad to hear from you. I used to speak Japanese and Russian. I’ve really forgotten Russian as I haven’t used it in 20 years. While I still speak Japanese, I always start with an apology as to how rusty I’ve become.

  4. Frank Hall says:

    It was nice meeting you tonight at the Ambit meeting in Syracuse.I was on the fence and you have helped me jump off it. I look forward to seeing you again and to us helping others while we help our selfs.

  5. You’ll find it well worth your time and efforts! Glad I was able to help shed some light on your decision.

  6. I’m looking forward to getting more information about this topic, don’t worry about negative opinions.

  7. Hello. Great job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your full site. Thanks!

  8. Hey Doc,
    Great blog.. I appreciate the content from your perspective. I am ‘engineer’ type and I love the thoughts expressed here. Look forward to meeting you at Ambition! EC Wesley Brace.

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