New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

Again, savings with Ambit Energy reveals that Ambit almost always beats the incumbent’s prices (See Ambit electric prices). Actually, where we see any exception it is either 1. a price change by an incumbent which is quickly responded with a price change by Ambit Energy, or 2. where the incumbent price is variable, see Atlantic City Gas and Electric, and Ambit Energy is guaranteeing an annual price. Said in another way, choosing Ambit Energy, so far, has always been an advantage for any customer in any territory over time; it’s a safe choice.
Latest Ambit Energy prices updated today February 27th, 2013 reveals some specific areas with great advantages. We never know how long the advantages may last, but some have been lasting.
Customers can realize double digit savings for electricity prices in:
IL (ComEd territory, 26.4% to 28.6%),
MD (BGE Variable rate, 10.8%),
NJ (JCPL territory, 12.8% to 17.5%),
PA (Duquesne and Met Ed territories, 10.0% to 30.3%)
In the ComEd territory of IL and the Duquesne territory of PA, both save customers near 30%. Only people who do not understand deregulation, which are most people, (see Deregulation Explained) and why it’s important for the customer, the economy and the country might not jump at this.
Remember, prices in New York vary by so many areas and so frequently they realistically can’t be tracked. Energy deregulation in Texas is so well accepted now that there really isn’t a useful comparison with a wide range of plans. Texas electric prices (use your own web site to check) should be compared to the customer’s current bill or the customer service of the company.

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