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Every year, Inc Magazine issues a special edition, that identifies the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America. Many companies work to get the honor of being listed. They advertise the fact that they are on the Inc 500. At the end of the summer of 2010, Inc 500 came out with its list of the 500 fastest growing companies. Ambit Energy was not only listed in its first year of eligibility, it is rankedNumber 1 (#1). The list only recognizes companies that are active for least four years. For the article and cover, click on this link:  Inc. 500. (A quick note here – Since the ranking is based on growth, it will be very difficult for a company to even get listed on a regular basis. The level of sales they are at makes it very difficult to grow at astronomical rates, repeatedly. However, the recognition shows the rapidly growing companies. So, if you were to make an investment, where would you want to be?)


The very existence of Ambit Energy is the result of the government breaking up the old public utility model. In economics, the public utility model was always given as an example of where a monopoly was necessary. Why not, as you could not imagine multiple wires for all the different companies that would want to sell electricity. Someone realized that the monopoly only needed to be there for the wires and infrastructure and not generation or retail sales. Therefore, deregulation was born. How often does a change in laws create an opportunity for the average person, one where ordinary citizens can profit?


Ambit was also ready for expansion. On September 4th, 2010, during the final part of their annual meeting, Ambition 2011, Ambit announced it’s coming plans. These announcements will include territory expansion, i.e. Ambit Energy which as the fastest growing company in the US. Chris Chambless, CMO, is widely disseminating one common message, this is going to be the ‘Wow year!’. He plans on maintaining Ambit’s status as a top company. What can be a wow compared to hitting #1? This accomplishment is the first step in a very well designed plan.


First, Ambit hit this amazing milestone, #1 on Inc 500, while it still was only partially established in three states as yet. Its markets to that point were worth $35 Billion, while there is approximately $450 Billion of the residential US market remaining. It is accurate to say, Ambit may be #1, but its potential is huge compared to where it has been.

Ambit Energy is #1 on Inc 500

Ambit Energy is #1 on Inc 500


Ambit Energy is an energy company taking advantage of the deregulation of the energy market. It supplies electricity and natural gas. I first evaluated Ambit Energy as if it was a company one would buy or someone for which would become an investor. The uniqueness of Ambit is its reliance of independent Ambit consultants in a network marketing model. I call it a pseudo MLM as it sells a service below retail that everybody already buys. So, the independent consultants are really more information providers than sales people. They educate the public that they can save money, while nothing changes in the delivery of the product, electricity or natural gas. The current provider, the historic or incumbent utility, remains the company that does all delivery and service. Ambit works cooperatively with the incumbent provider to provide a less expensive energy bill with an increase in customer service.


If you want more information, leave me a note or send me an email. I am an Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy. An overview of the company can be seen at

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