Want Success in Ambit Energy like Eli and Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods


Most people don’t know the difference between doing reasonably well and super stardom. Whether we talk of success like Tiger Woods or how to excel in business, like Ambit Energy, or school.

  1. Tiger Woods at his peek averaged 1.5 strokes less than the average in Pro Golf Tournaments (quote Chris Chambless, Ambit Energy). One and a half strokes is not a major difference. He gets there by consistent practice and commitment to all phases of the game.  That difference is what separates him from the field. He is generally alone working early in the morning or when everyone else is at the club after a round. But, some of the newer players learned what he did. However, his extra work gave him the consistency in success and that income, lifestyle and following.
  2. You just saw the Super Bowl. How did Eli Manning and Tom Brady get there? They study everything they can with every fiber in their body. How did they maintain that high level? Did you see them on the sidelines? Even then, they were not just idling sitting on the sidelines. They talk with the key players on their offense. They discuss what they did that worked and that which didn’t. They planned for their next opportunity on the field.
  3. In exercise, when someone does an exercise it is not the 1st 11 repititions that gets the results, it is pushing beyond limits for the last repetition and holding it a little longer that achieves most of the results.
  4. In education,it is the extra effort that matters. When studying during a course, it is not going through the material and working through the problems and turning in your homework, it is reviewing the material within a short period after initial study while others take a break.
  5. Some of the greatest people in many sports, Larry Bird, Bill Bradley, Charles Barkely, Michael Jordan, Terrell Owens and Kobe Bryant got where they did, not just by talent, but that extra effort beyond others.
  6. When arriving at Grad School at UC Berkeley, what struck my attention was how the great professors and Nobel Prize Winners, worked extra to attain their level of success. They would be there working on Saturday or Sunday morning and always worked longer hours.
  7. At Hofstra University, near the end of my undergraduate studies, a student friend, who was studying with a group nearby called me over. He asked, “Thomas, how do you do so well?.” I answered, “You are all trying to figure out what you need to know. I try to figure out what I don’t know.” Excellence is not by guessing what you need to do in life, it is by working at excelling, i.e. filling the holes in your knowledge, experience or skills.

Success comes with hard work. If you don’t want to work for it, that doesn’t make you a bad person. You just made a personal choice. However,don’t complain about success of others or that your income, wealth or lifestyle isn’t as good. Life’s not fair, but “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with it.” (Lou Holtz). I’m tired of hearing about redistributing and want to hear more about rewards. What about you?

Interestingly, take a look around you. When you are at college or high school, it is really easy to be in the top tier. Most people are not putting in the extra effort. Look at the events and travel that top people in Ambit Energy do. But, if you want to truly attain the highest levels, you have to push yourself further than those others who are participating in success.  People who are participating may only be looking for what they need to know or need to do, not what they don’t know or haven’t done, yet. Questions keep arising – why am I working with Ambit Energy –click here?

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Thomas F. O'Grady received his PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. Since the age of 12 he's been interested in entrepreneurial activities. Full Details


  1. Dr. O’Grady – I really enjoy your commentary. You are an Executive Consultant in Ambit Energy, right? I am a Sr. Consultant. I want to hear more about how you built your business to executive level. What is the key to your personal success? docgibbs@aol.com

  2. Thomas O'Grady, PhD says:

    Glad you enjoy it and find it helpful. (Sorry for the delay in getting an answer. For some reason it didn’t show up in my email.) I hear from some Executives that they are going through the web site with some prospects instead of the video and they sign up.
    As regards my success, it is just persistence and following the system as it is in the training. It does take time and patience.

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