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Whatever your goals and whatever your dreams in life, if you truly are striving for something, attaining it is a most satisfying outcome. Almost anything you do strive to reach will not only take hard work, but will require perseverance and a rekindling of spirit. I was reminded of this yesterday when someone I am helping run his Ambit Energy business called me and asked to chat. That is, you will have periods of ups and downs. You must find ways to work through the periods of disappointment and get to the next success, no matter how small, as quickly as possible start moving up the next hill.

Commitment is a driving force that takes you to your destination. This is the key to achieve success and it’s like a muscle in the body that supports the bones in order to function properly. Commitment brings this whole thing back as if in a circle. That’s it, a self generating, ever growing process to build success, income, health, or whatever you desire.


Commitment is a muscle that must be exercised regularly with consistency and persistence.

Consistent exercise of a muscle increases endurance, confidence and therefore energy. And, every commitment to exercise must start off slowly and build. Commitment to something works in the same manner. It also increases energy as you see more success and accompanying reward. The energy becomes the fuel that drives you to achieve success.

Energy comes in two parts – real and perceived. That is, when you exercise you build muscle that gives you more energy. However, if you find something difficult, the mind plays a wonderful trick on us and gives us the same feeling as when we are tired. Your conclusion is, “I’m tired” and your natural tendency would be to stop. This is where commitment comes into play.

Commitment is necessary to work yourself through the negative thoughts and tendencies. It helps you take an extra mile to get to get to your goal. After awhile, it becomes easier; that is, exercise the commitment ‘muscle’ and it becomes easier over time. You develop a good habit. The key is that commitment must be exercised or it will atrophy. That friend working in Ambit Energy is going to do just fine.  He has the maturity to know what to do when negativity hits him. And, yes he is coachable! Whatever your reaching to attain: a degree, a new language, a business or to excel in a sport, they all must follow these tenets.

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  3. Love the post Thomas! Success in Ambit Energy or any business without a doubt requires commitment, I couldn’t agree more!


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    Commitment and Exercise Build Muscle, Energy and Confidence | Ambit Energy, Deregulation and Economic Analysis

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