New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

Again, savings with Ambit Energy reveals that Ambit almost always beats the incumbent’s prices (See Ambit electric prices). Actually, where we see any exception it is either 1. a price change by an incumbent which is quickly responded with a price change by Ambit Energy, or 2. where the incumbent price is variable, see Atlantic City Gas and Electric, and Ambit Energy is guaranteeing an annual price. Said in another way, choosing Ambit Energy, so far, has always been an advantage for any customer in any territory over time; it’s a safe choice.
Latest Ambit Energy prices updated today February 27th, 2013 reveals some specific areas with great advantages. We never know how long the advantages may last, but some have been lasting.
Customers can realize double digit savings for electricity prices in:
IL (ComEd territory, 26.4% to 28.6%),
MD (BGE Variable rate, 10.8%),
NJ (JCPL territory, 12.8% to 17.5%),
PA (Duquesne and Met Ed territories, 10.0% to 30.3%)
In the ComEd territory of IL and the Duquesne territory of PA, both save customers near 30%. Only people who do not understand deregulation, which are most people, (see Deregulation Explained) and why it’s important for the customer, the economy and the country might not jump at this.
Remember, prices in New York vary by so many areas and so frequently they realistically can’t be tracked. Energy deregulation in Texas is so well accepted now that there really isn’t a useful comparison with a wide range of plans. Texas electric prices (use your own web site to check) should be compared to the customer’s current bill or the customer service of the company.

Ambit Energy Reaches 1 Million Customers!


Ambit Hits 1 Million Customers! The meaning for Ambit is quite incredible or should I say, credibility. At Simulcast 2013, it was announced that the millionth customer signed during December of 2012. As to credibility, there are many new territories that are still to be opened. The understanding of what deregulation is and why it is good for the customer and the country is still not understood in most of the country. It is still very new. Most people have no idea what it is and what it means.  When a new territory is opened, hitting 1 million customers demonstrates Ambit as a reputable company with 6 1/2 years of history. So, such questions as: “Is this a new company?”, “How long have they been around?” and many of the ‘what if something happens’ are really no longer relevant with Ambit Energy. Yes, in new territories Ambit consultants will always get those questions. However, reaching the million customer milestone adds significantly to the credibility of Ambit Energy and something that can be referenced whenever credibility questions are asked. The remaining questions are: “how big will it get?” and “when will it attain major milestone levels?” Those are no longer credibility issues, but rather questions about how big this opportunity really is, that is “what is the potential?”


Jenny Hoang and Dr. O'Grady

Jenny Hoang and Dr. O’Grady

Susan Hoang, Dr. O'Grady, and Bill Tu

Susan Hoang, Dr. O’Grady, and Bill Tu

Maggie Duong and Dr. O'Grady

Maggie Duong and Dr. O’Grady

Ambit Energy Review, Price Changes and Incumbents


Ambit Energy Review of Price changes

In this Ambit Energy Review – Ambit does not always have the lowest prices.

However, wait! Ambit Energy really does have the lowest prices!

How are these two things possible?

Remember, I am an independent Ambit Consultant. As an independent business person, I am responsible for the statements that I make, not Ambit Energy. All the comparisons I list here are the incumbent energy company’s monthly rate, they usually do not have an annual term, versus Ambit Energy’s 12 month plan. There are eight public utility companies that have changed their electricity rate. Six of these energy companies lowered their monthly prices, and one of those is currently below Ambit Energy’s 12 month rate. However, they are still slightly higher than the monthly rate for Ambit, but I don’t show monthly rates on the front page to the right. If you see some savings rates that differ from mine, you will probably find they are comparing with Ambit Energy monthly rates in some cases and 12 month terms in others.

In all my comparisons, I am using the monthly variable rate for the incumbents, such as PSE&G or PECO, while I use the 12 month rate for Ambit Energy. If I was to compare just the monthly rates, Ambit Energy would still be lower. However, my friends and I don’t want to see our customers complain to us about quick, monthly rate changes. So, I never put someone on a monthly rate unless I am ready to do two things:
1. personally watch the monthly rate for increases, and
2. be ready to move that customer/friend to the 12 month fixed rate when you think it is beneficial.

Remember, these customers are generally people you know and trust you. Be prepared to explain to them the difference between the monthly and 12 month fixed rates. As I mentioned, six out of eight of the changes in the saving rate are the result of incumbent price changes, not Ambit Energy price rate changes.

Rates will probably go up as we get closer to winter. As that happens, your customers on fixed terms will be protected. In the one case, Atlantic City Electric in NJ, where Ambit’s fixed price is higher, you must make a judgment whether you want to put your friend on the fixed rate thwarting any future price increase or put them on the monthly rate and be ready to help them as in 1 and 2 as stated in paragraph five.

This was one of the harder Ambit Energy reviews to make certain my numbers and savings are all explained appropriately. While Ambit Energy is an energy company that I believe is beyond comparison to any other Energy MLM, an Ambit Business is your own independent business or home based business that you are responsible for understanding and representing to the best of your ability. I hope this post helps in that regard.

Ambit Energy Latest Electric Rates


Ambit Energy savings is huge. It’s time to educate consumers. At least the few customers you know need to understand deregulation is a good word.

• Have you ever heard anyone complain about their electric bill?
• Is anyone curious about the late summer electric usage and bill? Can you spell air conditioning?
• Are you introducing the saving to customers in a way that doesn’t scare them away?

If you are one of the hundreds of people in your own city that are running around asking, “do you want to save money on your electric,” is it working? Look at the savings in the picture and ask why is anyone staying with the incumbent? In most cases, it is because they don’t understand what is happening with energy deregulation. It takes time for customer acceptance of change. It would go a lot faster if people understood sooner. In Texas, where Ambit Energy started 6 years ago, deregulation is well understood and a large number of customers just look for price along with companies with a strong reputation.
Ambit Energy rates with BGE, PECO, PPL, PSE&G, JCP&L, ComEd, electric savings
It will take time for people to believe that all this deregulation stuff is real and safe. So, in the meantime, those that are close to you, need to be told what has happened and that this is something that the government of their state did that benefits anyone who cares to take advantage of it. Explain to people what is in my previous post ‘Deregulation,’ or send them to this link. Make sure everyone around you understands that deregulation was done for everyone’s benefit, except maybe the monopoly that everyone calls by assorted adjectives that I can’t put in print. In general, consumers don’t like the incumbents, but they are also afraid until they understand. That will take time. It took some time in Texas, but you only need a few customers. Now, the rates will change and we don’t know how long these will last, but jump on it now.

Did you realize that in deregulated states, when a power plant goes down because of a storm or poor maintenance, the electric company can’t go to the state commission and get a rate hike? By the way, that understanding of ‘Deregulation’, is exactly why this is such a good opportunity, see ‘Evaluating a Business.’

Ambit Energy is an energy MLM. However, instead of selling it like you are selling face cream, inform the people you know. It truly is good for the economy, the future of energy choice and their pocket books. The summer time is a great time to expand the customer base. Remember electric rates can change at any time. So, move now. Later, those same customers can refer their experience to others.

Ambit Energy – Major Announcements, Major Income


FYI – New Territories, Connecticut, Massachusetts, 3 gas territories in NJ, 3 more in PA + Gas for MD. Plus huge bonuses. (click for flyer)

Ambit Energy at the Top of the Dallas 100!


Ambit Energy at the Top of the Dallas 100!

Ambit Energy was named the fastest-growing privately held company in north Texas by the Caruth Center for Entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University (SMU). The “SMU/Cox Dallas 100” is the most prestigious annual ranking in the north Texas business community. Ambit Energy ranked #1 in the listing of the Top 100 companies. The complete listing, including a biography of Ambit Energy, appeared in the Dallas Business Journal. In addition, a press release has been distributed, and has received national attention. [Read more…]


Disclaimer: The analysis, views and opinions expressed in this blog are personally my own and do not necessarily reflect nor are meant to imply in any way they are the opinions of Ambit Energy.I am an Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy. Analogies used are to assist with general understanding of the postings and are only to be examples.

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