Evaluating a Company


Evaluating a Company to join or buy is not so easy and should not be taken lightly. The most expensive part is the time you invest if you don’t minimally heed these points.

Here are some of the key components I used for evaluation of companies and similarly for products or divisions of companies. My focus on a company is as if I was buying it or investing in it. The company must be able to withstand a rigorous examination.
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Deregulation, the New Electric Utility Market


Energy deregulation is started in each state as an opportunity to break up the utility monopolies and provide more efficient markets and competitive pricing for consumers. Everyone knows that monopolies are inefficient and lead to higher prices. They also restrict innovation and technological change. I would like to explain what happened and why energy deregulation leads to lower prices and more opportunities. This was the birth of the new energy mlm and Ambit Energy.

In economics, the utility company is used as a classic example of why a monopoly must exist. The electric utility controls and owns the wires and needs to service them. We could not imagine multiple companies with different wire networks running through neighborhoods. Therefore, a monopoly in this case always seemed practical. After deregulation, it seems quite evident that it was not needed to this extent. The public utility created for electricity sometimes isreferred to as a natural monopoly. After energy deregulation, it is clear that the energy monopoly should be dismantled. I wish to draw a parallel to coolers that we used to carry to a picnic table or field. Two people would get one on each handle and carry it over to the field. Well, somebody one day realized how this could be improved, why not stick two wheels and a handle on it. So, was born the rolling cooler. Now, wheels and handles have been around for hundreds of years, but nobody thought of doing this. After the fact, this is obvious. Well, so is energy deregulation obvious after it was introduced. [Read more…]

Energy Deregulation, NYSEG Almost Recommends Ambit Energy


Energy deregulation is sweeping across the nation. Already over $100 Billion out of the total $500 Billion in energy usage is already deregulated. In New York State, one of the former monopolies, New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) lists recommended questions to ask of the new supply companies. It is good to look carefully as there are many companies out there. But, no matter what, do take advantage of energy deregulation. You will save money if you choose carefully and follow NYSEG’s advice. [Read more…]

Inc 500, Ambit Energy #1


Every year, Inc Magazine issues a special edition, that identifies the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America. Many companies work to get the honor of being listed. They advertise the fact that they are on the Inc 500. At the end of the summer of 2010, Inc 500 came out with its list of the 500 fastest growing companies. Ambit Energy was not only listed in its first year of eligibility, it is rankedNumber 1 (#1). [Read more…]

Residual Income – Why it takes so long – Build Equity


Some people run when they hear the term, residual income. Let’s just make it clear. Your insurance agent relies on residual income. How do you evaluate something that pays you an ongoing revenue stream, but pays so little up front? Everyone in the world seems to start out spending a certain number of hours at work, x hours; are getting paid, y dollars, and are always computing, [Read more…]

Income, Wages, Interest, Residuals, ROI


If you continue to do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. I’m not sure the original source, but if you want to make progress in life, you must move from your comfort zone.

What we receive in income and where it comes from makes a lot of difference in lifestyle and freedom to do what we want. One of the basic assumptions of Economics is that people would prefer more of a ‘good’. [Read more…]

Ambit Energy – Why


There will be many posts in the future with more insights, but I wanted to put a brief backgrounder here. About four years ago, I saw my mother living into her 90’s. That’s great news, right? Well, it also means that I could live another 40 or 50 years. I reasoned, that as well as my wife and I did, we couldn’t last that long on what we currently had. I better start thinking about income and wealth for our future to live decently past my working years. [Read more…]


Disclaimer: The analysis, views and opinions expressed in this blog are personally my own and do not necessarily reflect nor are meant to imply in any way they are the opinions of Ambit Energy.I am an Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy. Analogies used are to assist with general understanding of the postings and are only to be examples.

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