Ambit Energy Joins the $1 Billion Dollar Company Club! Based on Estimated Ongoing Running Rate

Ambit Energy Joins the $1 Billion Dollar Company Club!

Ambit Energy Joins the $1 Billion Dollar Company Club!
Based on Estimated Ongoing Running Rate

Ambit Energy hits $1 billion running rate. That is, Ambit Energy is a billion-dollar company. Now, first let me go over what it means by running rate. Then, let’s examine the significance of being a $1 billion company both at this time and at Ambit Energy’s age.

Sometime in the next month or two Ambit will announce breaking the billion-dollar mark. They will announce that they have $1 billion in revenue over the prior 12 months. The running rate means that amount collected in one month that would equal $1 billion if it was sustained for 12 months. Ambit energy probably hit the billion-dollar running rate sometime late last summer. While these are based on estimates, they are fairly straightforward assumptions. What’s the statement you hear sometimes? You can bank on this one!

We’ve all seen their customer accounts. When Ambit announced that it had 1 million customers, it was already far surpassing the $1 billion running rate. If we are to assume that the average bill is $125, then, when those 1 million customers are up and running and pay their bills, which should be the month of February, revenue for the month would be $125 million. That is a $1.5 billion annual rate. Even if the bills only average $100 apiece, that would be a $1.2 billion annual rate.

So, Ambit Energy probably hit the $1 billion annual rate back late last summer.

Now, more importantly, how impressive is this? The story is well known that it took Microsoft 10 years to hit $1 billion. We also know that Excel, which Ambit Energy is modeled on the same structure, did it in 7 ½ years. Google did it in about 6.4 years a couple of years before Excel. Yes, that is right, before Excel. Apple was founded in 1977 reached $1 Billion in 5 years back in 1982. Now Google already has been beaten by other companies. So, Ambit Energy hits 1 billion dollars in annual revenue in approximately the same timing as Google. What does that mean. I don’t think anything more needs to be said than being in the same company as Google’s growth rate is quite an amazing accomplishment. Imagine if you could have bought Google in 1994, when it hit $1 Billion. Well, guess what, it wasn’t possible. You see, Google wasn’t even put out there as an IPO until 2004 and ended it’s first day at $100.34. But, you can participate in deregulation with a company that is moving at Google speed at the same age in its existence. That is Ambit Energy. You don’t understand the opportunity this gives you, take a nap. You must need a rest and to re-awaken.

Ambit Energy’s structure as an energy MLM was modeled after Excel Communications during the telecommunications deregulation.What even gets better is the way Ambit Energy business expands. Very different than other companies and Excel, the fact that it expands territory by territory means that new growth is from territory expansion and not limited by trying to further penetrate existing territories. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring existing territories as Texas appears to still be growing rapidly. However, when new territories are states like California, Connecticut and Massachusetts, there is no reason to assume that the growth rates that Ambit Energy has in the recent past from 40 to 60 percent could not be sustained and even exceeded in each of the next few years.

If you want to know how to take part in this growth, click on the button above or send me your info. If someone sent you to this site to share it, ask them.

New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

New Prices Reveal Huge Ambit Energy Price Advantages

Again, savings with Ambit Energy reveals that Ambit almost always beats the incumbent’s prices (See Ambit electric prices). Actually, where we see any exception it is either 1. a price change by an incumbent which is quickly responded with a price change by Ambit Energy, or 2. where the incumbent price is variable, see Atlantic City Gas and Electric, and Ambit Energy is guaranteeing an annual price. Said in another way, choosing Ambit Energy, so far, has always been an advantage for any customer in any territory over time; it’s a safe choice.
Latest Ambit Energy prices updated today February 27th, 2013 reveals some specific areas with great advantages. We never know how long the advantages may last, but some have been lasting.
Customers can realize double digit savings for electricity prices in:
IL (ComEd territory, 26.4% to 28.6%),
MD (BGE Variable rate, 10.8%),
NJ (JCPL territory, 12.8% to 17.5%),
PA (Duquesne and Met Ed territories, 10.0% to 30.3%)
In the ComEd territory of IL and the Duquesne territory of PA, both save customers near 30%. Only people who do not understand deregulation, which are most people, (see Deregulation Explained) and why it’s important for the customer, the economy and the country might not jump at this.
Remember, prices in New York vary by so many areas and so frequently they realistically can’t be tracked. Energy deregulation in Texas is so well accepted now that there really isn’t a useful comparison with a wide range of plans. Texas electric prices (use your own web site to check) should be compared to the customer’s current bill or the customer service of the company.

Ambit Energy Reaches 1 Million Customers!


Ambit Hits 1 Million Customers! The meaning for Ambit is quite incredible or should I say, credibility. At Simulcast 2013, it was announced that the millionth customer signed during December of 2012. As to credibility, there are many new territories that are still to be opened. The understanding of what deregulation is and why it is good for the customer and the country is still not understood in most of the country. It is still very new. Most people have no idea what it is and what it means.  When a new territory is opened, hitting 1 million customers demonstrates Ambit as a reputable company with 6 1/2 years of history. So, such questions as: “Is this a new company?”, “How long have they been around?” and many of the ‘what if something happens’ are really no longer relevant with Ambit Energy. Yes, in new territories Ambit consultants will always get those questions. However, reaching the million customer milestone adds significantly to the credibility of Ambit Energy and something that can be referenced whenever credibility questions are asked. The remaining questions are: “how big will it get?” and “when will it attain major milestone levels?” Those are no longer credibility issues, but rather questions about how big this opportunity really is, that is “what is the potential?”


Jenny Hoang and Dr. O'Grady

Jenny Hoang and Dr. O’Grady

Susan Hoang, Dr. O'Grady, and Bill Tu

Susan Hoang, Dr. O’Grady, and Bill Tu

Maggie Duong and Dr. O'Grady

Maggie Duong and Dr. O’Grady

Ambit Energy Review, Price Changes and Incumbents


Ambit Energy Review of Price changes

In this Ambit Energy Review – Ambit does not always have the lowest prices.

However, wait! Ambit Energy really does have the lowest prices!

How are these two things possible?

Remember, I am an independent Ambit Consultant. As an independent business person, I am responsible for the statements that I make, not Ambit Energy. All the comparisons I list here are the incumbent energy company’s monthly rate, they usually do not have an annual term, versus Ambit Energy’s 12 month plan. There are eight public utility companies that have changed their electricity rate. Six of these energy companies lowered their monthly prices, and one of those is currently below Ambit Energy’s 12 month rate. However, they are still slightly higher than the monthly rate for Ambit, but I don’t show monthly rates on the front page to the right. If you see some savings rates that differ from mine, you will probably find they are comparing with Ambit Energy monthly rates in some cases and 12 month terms in others.

In all my comparisons, I am using the monthly variable rate for the incumbents, such as PSE&G or PECO, while I use the 12 month rate for Ambit Energy. If I was to compare just the monthly rates, Ambit Energy would still be lower. However, my friends and I don’t want to see our customers complain to us about quick, monthly rate changes. So, I never put someone on a monthly rate unless I am ready to do two things:
1. personally watch the monthly rate for increases, and
2. be ready to move that customer/friend to the 12 month fixed rate when you think it is beneficial.

Remember, these customers are generally people you know and trust you. Be prepared to explain to them the difference between the monthly and 12 month fixed rates. As I mentioned, six out of eight of the changes in the saving rate are the result of incumbent price changes, not Ambit Energy price rate changes.

Rates will probably go up as we get closer to winter. As that happens, your customers on fixed terms will be protected. In the one case, Atlantic City Electric in NJ, where Ambit’s fixed price is higher, you must make a judgment whether you want to put your friend on the fixed rate thwarting any future price increase or put them on the monthly rate and be ready to help them as in 1 and 2 as stated in paragraph five.

This was one of the harder Ambit Energy reviews to make certain my numbers and savings are all explained appropriately. While Ambit Energy is an energy company that I believe is beyond comparison to any other Energy MLM, an Ambit Business is your own independent business or home based business that you are responsible for understanding and representing to the best of your ability. I hope this post helps in that regard.

Ambit Energy Review, Trajectory and Home Business Opportunity


Ambit Energy Review, Trajectory and Home Business OpportunityHow do I possibly describe the trajectory Ambit Energy is currently exhibiting? We have a confluence of amazing events. First of all, Ambit Energy is seeing annual growth in the 45% to 60% range each year (See Ambit Energy Soars to #15 on DSA, and Ambit Energy hits #1 on Inc 500. I am expecting 2012 to finish in the 45 to 50% range and 2013 could be above the 50% mark, depending on a couple of remaining items the company should accomplish over the next few months. I will give a more honed projection in a few months as we see CA opening for gas and learn a bit more about the timeframe for electricity.

Also, the market place for any energy MLM is outstanding. But, if someone was to pick a company to represent, why would they not choose the dominant company as it enters every market and then become an Ambit Energy consultant?

Let’s put this in perspective. If you were invested in some stock and just sitting back watching it, a 50% growth rate doubles every 1.44 years. Why is this important to you?

The Ambit Energy market is going to double about every eighteen months. Some consultants are going to grab that market. But. this is very different than a stock.

Another way to put it, 1/2 of the customers that will be in Ambit Energy in eighteen months are not Ambit Energy customers today.

Who will get them?

Could someone with an Ambit Energy business today see massive success over the next three years? Well, Ambit Energy should more than double in size in that time frame.

This means that a Steve Thompson, Brian McClure or any other big guy could be created over the next three years if they started today! Now, Ambit Energy California is opening in a few days.

Are you ready?

Here is an assessment and letter that Steve Thompson sent out over the weekend:

Hi Team,

What an exciting time in Ambit. Our Production has already more than doubled since Ambition (Note: that was September 1st.) and it is just picking up speed. Make sure you are doing all that you can to get the most out of the Momentum and the Double/Triple and if you were at Ambition, the Level Up Bonus!

Next month I will celebrate the 6th Birthday of my Ambit Business. Although I have had other Successes in my Business Life, none like Ambit Energy. I was not always right when I chose new ventures, but I was always working and failing my way to knowledge, skill and Success. You only have to be right one time, and we were right when we chose Ambit Energy!

I know from my experience that an opportunity like this will probably never occur again. To find it is a blessing. To take massive action is to reach for all of your Dreams in life. What we do for the next few years will (And for many of us, has) change our families lives for generations to come.

I share this now, after our 5th Ambition as we open the other coast. That is the first step in taking the country. I want so much for each of you to find the joy and Success I have, in helping others reach for the sky. DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY. Little efforts each day will compound dramatically. Massive Action over a several year period of time will change the course of your history. We all have it in our hands right now. We must act on it right now.

I am thankful each day for the blessings I continue to receive and for the thousands of people that made it possible and are now enjoying those blessings with me. Some of us are in the twilight of our career. It happens just that quickly, if you go for it. For most, the sun is just rising. Seize the opportunity. Make it yours. Do today what others won’t, and you will have tomorrow what others don’t.

I am strapping on my Tool Belt and expect to help make this the best year ever. I have dreamed of and worked toward this time in Business Life, forever. It is here. It is now. Come with me and this year we will change many thousands of lives.

Some will let this pass by. Many will watch it go by. Some, will make it happen. You choose.

See you all over Ambit Land.

Get Excited. Stay Focused. Never Quit!

To Success,

Steve (see a little about Steve at Steve Thompson Did It, Can You do it with Ambit Energy?

If you are working with another energy MLM or any other company, given these growth rates, it is not too late. When you know and see what is happening, and if you were in the stock market, you would change your portfolio. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch this happen without you. Or, even worse, don’t work in some other company, while Ambit Energy is shooting ahead (see Ambit Energy Top 20 Direct Selling Company.)

The one thing that most of us who are Ambit Energy Business Consultants want to see is, when will Ambit Energy aggressively move forward and start entering markets more quickly. That time is apparently here.

If you have any questions about this or any post or even a general inquiry, send me a note. I am always interested in helping others succeed and appreciate any feedback!

Ambit Energy’s Residual Income Splintered with Stacking!


Ambit Energy’s Residual Income Splintered with StackingWithin Ambit Energy, the subject of stacking frequently comes up in discussions and is even recommended by some consultants. In other MLM companies, this is fairly common practice when people need to maintain consultants of different ranks below them in order to maintain their own rank. That is not the case in Ambit Energy. This is a review of Ambit Energy when a consultant stacks consultants. This practice dramatically decreases residual income. This brief post will demonstrate the loss in income from stacking and some of the arguments against the practice.

My first introduction to the dangers of stacking came the day after I promoted to Senior Consultant. I received a call from an EC who had become a very good friend and very helpful in my support. He quickly explained not to do what he had done. He explained that he was an EC but not making any money. We only hear about how much money there is to be made as an EC. Well because of stacking, which got him EC fast, his productive people had coded out and his customers were mostly below his sixth level. Well, let me go into more detail on this topic after I tell you two recent incidents that motivated me to write this article. It is a very controversial topic.

The idea for this article was motivated by two friends, both Executive Consultants, discussed with me their residual income. In one case, the person had more than double the number of customers I had and in the other case slightly more than five times my customers. In both cases, I am receiving higher residuals. After a significant discussion and examination, it was clear they were the unfortunate recipients of self-inflicted wounds, i.e. stacking. Yes, I call these self-inflicted wounds, because it is their own actions that caused their residuals to be low. They stacked consultants both to help become an EC as well as afterwards to help friends and family.

Now, first what is stacking? Stacking is deliberately putting a consultant under another consultant rather than under you. The idea is that it helps the other consultant get promoted and hopefully that means getting you promoted faster.

First, let’s look at how we get paid in Ambit’s compensation plan. We get paid four different ways.

  • We get paid for gathering our first 20 customers.
  • We get paid weekly bonuses for new consultants that gather their customers.
  • We get paid residuals up to six levels based on our customers electrical or gas usage.
  • We get paid for each of the customers in our coded organizations to infinite levels in quarters.

Stacking has no effect on your personal customers.

However, stacking dramatically reduces the income in all of the last three income streams.

So, in this simple example I’ll show what happens to your customer residuals when you start putting people further down. One way to think about it is to think of the examples in the ambit video or presentation. If you stack just one level, it is in effect the same as if you had removed last line of the residuals from the compensation plan. That is, by just moving people down one level you have in effect eliminated your sixth level. To understand the income effect, imagine crossing out the income on your sixth level. The sixth level is 82.5% of the total income received. Do you really want to limit or eliminate it? Now, here is an example of the effect if you stack versus building wide.

As you can see, the Ambit Energy compensation plan works exponentially. That means, if you teach to recruit the minimum number of consultants, you have two on the first, four on the second, etc. on the sixth level where you have two to the sixth power, 64. Based on experience of mine and others and taking a conservative estimate you have five customers per consultant, your total income from residuals is $654. Now, just taking the assumption that you only get three consultants that got three that got three, you would have three to the sixth power, 729 on your sixth level. Your total income per month would be $6623.25. Now, imagine receiving the over $6,600 per month just on residuals by doing it properly. So, stacking cost you $5983.25 per month just between two and three wide. If you want to get an idea of the loss, look at the post of the value of your Ambit Business.Some of your bigger consultants will go 30 or 40 wide. Many Executive and  National Consultants have personal consultants that are 40, 50, 60, 70 or more wide. Imagine if you stacked and one of them appeared in your organization that was already coded out.

  • First, for those who are relatively new, what is coding out? When you join Ambit and get your customers, there are bonuses paid. There is $100 for your sponsor, $55 for your RC, $80 for your SC, another $80 for your EC and $25 for your NC. There may be someone who is your RC and SC or some other combination; they get whatever bonuses that are ‘coded’ to them. Now, when you promote and start receiving a $55 increase that is the RC bonus. The person, who was receiving it, will no longer receive that for ‘new’ people that you bring into your business. You have coded out of his RC organization and now start receiving that $55.




Customers per consultant

Total Customers


Total Income





 $      0.10  $         1.00





 $      0.15  $         3.00





 $      0.25  $       10.00





 $      0.50  $       40.00





 $      0.75  $     120.00





 $      1.50  $     480.00
Monthly Residual  $     654.00




Customers per consultant

Total Customers


Total Income





 $      0.10  $         1.50





 $      0.15  $         6.75





 $      0.25  $       33.75





 $      0.50  $     202.50





 $      0.75  $     911.25





 $      1.50  $  5,467.50
Monthly Residual  $  6,623.25

I really don’t need to go further than this. I have demonstrated what happened to people who have stacked consultants. At this point, one could say, the case is closed. However, this is not the end. It is not as easy to document as this was, but I can demonstrate that there is a lot more lost income.

There are three problems with stacking in regards to consultants instead of customers.

  • Consultants code out quickly and you do not receive benefits from their future growth.
  • You build a welfare state. That is, consultants are not learning to build the business and you are motivating them to ask for consultants or customers instead of training and learning to duplicate your work.
  • When stacking the consultants that don’t code out are often your least productive. Why? If you are trying to reach the EC level from SC, you want as much help as possible from your consultants because you need five of them to make SC, which makes you an EC. So, ‘the stacker’ finds those ‘most productive’ consultants and puts people under them. So, your best people that give you the greatest future potential income are helped by you, not to do their business better, but to code out quickly.

I believe that the biggest effect of stacking though is creating a welfare state. That is, when you are filling up someone’s down line, you are teaching people to expect others to do the work for them. You have probably heard in other companies how you may just get this one magic person and become rich. I had MLM hoppers that go from one company to the next ask me, if I join who or how many people will you put under me? Another reason that it doesn’t work here is that you really need to work through a couple of promotions before you start making some of the bigger money. That is, after each promotion, you are building a new team for your new level. So, anyone who joins really does need to do something. I am ready to help anyone in my organization all they need, but I want people that are going to work with me.

While not nearly as obvious, stacking affects two other areas of income. Even though both bonuses and the quarters are paid to infinite levels, when your down line consultant promotes, he receives the coded income from all his future work, not you. When stacking, in effect you are reducing the number of personnel consultants and pushing them further down below you. You hear the recommendation, build wide for income and down for security.

Building down for security refers to working with your team to help them with their people and prospects not putting people down there. As your team sees the people below them promote or grow, they may respond because they see the system working and their own consultants and friends passing them in rank. I have seen this happen several times.

We have the largest market, energy, everyone buys it, and as an energy MLM we have the opportunity to profit from Ambit Energy. Just do it right in order to maximize your residual and bonus income. The energy market is still in its infancy (revisit the Ambit Energy opportunity.)

Ambit Energy Latest Electric Rates


Ambit Energy savings is huge. It’s time to educate consumers. At least the few customers you know need to understand deregulation is a good word.

• Have you ever heard anyone complain about their electric bill?
• Is anyone curious about the late summer electric usage and bill? Can you spell air conditioning?
• Are you introducing the saving to customers in a way that doesn’t scare them away?

If you are one of the hundreds of people in your own city that are running around asking, “do you want to save money on your electric,” is it working? Look at the savings in the picture and ask why is anyone staying with the incumbent? In most cases, it is because they don’t understand what is happening with energy deregulation. It takes time for customer acceptance of change. It would go a lot faster if people understood sooner. In Texas, where Ambit Energy started 6 years ago, deregulation is well understood and a large number of customers just look for price along with companies with a strong reputation.
Ambit Energy rates with BGE, PECO, PPL, PSE&G, JCP&L, ComEd, electric savings
It will take time for people to believe that all this deregulation stuff is real and safe. So, in the meantime, those that are close to you, need to be told what has happened and that this is something that the government of their state did that benefits anyone who cares to take advantage of it. Explain to people what is in my previous post ‘Deregulation,’ or send them to this link. Make sure everyone around you understands that deregulation was done for everyone’s benefit, except maybe the monopoly that everyone calls by assorted adjectives that I can’t put in print. In general, consumers don’t like the incumbents, but they are also afraid until they understand. That will take time. It took some time in Texas, but you only need a few customers. Now, the rates will change and we don’t know how long these will last, but jump on it now.

Did you realize that in deregulated states, when a power plant goes down because of a storm or poor maintenance, the electric company can’t go to the state commission and get a rate hike? By the way, that understanding of ‘Deregulation’, is exactly why this is such a good opportunity, see ‘Evaluating a Business.’

Ambit Energy is an energy MLM. However, instead of selling it like you are selling face cream, inform the people you know. It truly is good for the economy, the future of energy choice and their pocket books. The summer time is a great time to expand the customer base. Remember electric rates can change at any time. So, move now. Later, those same customers can refer their experience to others.

Steve Thompson Did It, Can You do it with Ambit Energy?


Ambit Energy's Steve ThompsonHave you seen the interview? Steve Thompson, Ambit Energy’s number two income earner, is now making over $350,000 a month. He earned over $8 million in his Ambit business over the last 5 1/2 years. Can you even imagine that? Really now, for you and I, what is important? What does it mean for you? How can it help you?

There are really only a couple of questions here. How is it done? How did he do it? Also, can you do it? When I refer to ‘can you do it’, I really have two thoughts come to mind. Is it still possible to take advantage of this opportunity? Secondly, can you do the kind of things Steve did?
First, I’ll address the issue is it still possible? Ambit Energy is currently in six states: Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland and New Jersey. Its seventh state, Connecticut, is opening today. It would be fair to say that only a sliver of the country was opened and met Ambit Energy by now. Even in the early states, there is plenty of opportunity. Texas and New York are growing rapidly. Texas has been open for 5 1/2 years and is growing faster than ever. The four other states are still in their infancy. With all this income and only a fraction of the country started yet, it’s clear that the energy market and the energy MLM is a great marriage.

So, we know that there is income to be made, and that Ambit Energy is in its early building stage. The next question is can and how do we do it?
In the interview article, Steve Thompson gave the blueprint of information one needs for ‘how to do it.’ The hard part is can you do it. Well, the most difficult part are you able and willing to be coached. In the interview, Steve points out how he continually tries to learn from others. So, here we have someone that we would consider eminently successful, making more money than most people would ever imagine, and yet he continues to train and educate himself. Steve mentions that he doesn’t even know his own mentors personally and names them for us, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, etc.

The hardest part for most people, is actually listening and not changing something that already works. You may have to adapt the words of Rohn or Kiyosaki to your business. So, how can you learn? You can make the most of your time by listening while commuting in your car or waiting for a child to complete a practice, or doctors offices or wherever you have to wait and listen to these mentors share their knowledge. Then, continue the education process and follow up by attending the available training provided by your company or its leaders. It should go without saying, never miss a training opportunity when Steve or another topic ambit leader is in your neighborhood.


Ambit Energy Soars to #15 on DSA


Ambit Energy is #15 on the DSA (Direct Seller’s Association) Top Global companiesLast night at 11 pm CDT, the Direct Seller’s Association announces the global 100 largest companies. Ambit Energy hit number 15, while just over 5 years old. In the top 30 companies, the average age is over 40 years and the the other companies do business in at least 5 to 12 countries.

In an earlier post, I stated that Ambit Energy would hit the top 20, probably 16 to 18, and would grow by about 70% to about $700 million for 2011. The actual growth was 60% and with the help of some companies falling in revenue they grew to 15th place.
Ambit has hit these heights among companies while only in 6 states: TX, NY, IL, MD, PA and NJ.

Come back tomorrow for an analysis of the list of companies and what this means for the mlms, the energy mlm and where Ambit is going from here. Note if you are looking for a network marketing company, hopefully this will help. If you already have an Ambit business, this should give you some foundation and adrenalin to hit it hard over the next 6 months and see where you are at the annual convention, Ambition 2012.

Ambit Energy’s Chris Chambless – Wisdom on Resolutions and Freedom


Ambit energy’s Chris Chambless describes a little bit about life and how to reach your dream and how not to reach your dream. What is commitment? (Also see Commitment and Success)He gives us some very valuable wisdom. In this video he talks about New Year’s resolutions. He points out that these resolutions are about the life we want. Unfortunately, every year most people write the same resolutions over and over again.

Every year Chris looks at the most popular resolutions and the top 10 are always about the same. The top 10 resolutions are:

  1. lose weight
  2. save money
  3. get organized
  4. have more time with your family
  5. reduce debt
  6. exercise regularly
  7. take a vacation
  8. quit smoking
  9. more rest
  10. help others

When looking at these resolutions, they are not just about the life we want. Think about them. Each and every one of them shows something that we want to change in our life. So, they are a reflection of something that exists now that we want to change. For example, we want to reduce our weight or put money aside and get out of debt, or we realize we have not had the time to spend with our family. That means any resolution we have represents a mirror reflection of the life we have that we would like to change. But, how can we make these changes. He points out that it is almost impossible to realize these dreams when we are already working 50+ hours a week.  We all want a better life. He says, the problem is not in the desire, “the problem is in the execution,” as people rarely succeed in keeping their resolutions. Actually, he noted that only about 8 percent of people actually keep their resolutions. (Look at elite success here.)

According to Chris, it is essential to understand, “you will never have the life you want, unless you are willing to leave the life you have.” One of the most incredible applications of this was the founding fathers of this country. They knew they had to give up much of what they had and risk more in order to realize their goals. Fortunately for most of us, we might realize our goals with far less risk and giving up far less.

A list of resolutions cannot do us any good. That is only a description of where we want to go. Your goal can only be realized if you have the time to incorporate those goals in your life. Time is freedom. The only way is to be able to buy your time back through financial freedom.

Ambit Energy’s Chris Chambless emphasized he’s not talking about getting millions of dollars. By financial freedom he is emphasizing that people need enough money coming into their household to have the security to pay their bills. That is financial freedom! So, not only is Ambit Energy an energy mlm, it is the one to be working and let it work for you.


Disclaimer: The analysis, views and opinions expressed in this blog are personally my own and do not necessarily reflect nor are meant to imply in any way they are the opinions of Ambit Energy.I am an Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy. Analogies used are to assist with general understanding of the postings and are only to be examples.

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