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Thomas O'Grady BioThomas F. O’Grady received his PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. Since the age of 12 he’s been interested in entrepreneurial activities. He rose to the top in Soviet intelligence, broke Soviet codes 3 times; extended Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden’s work at GM Research labs; as head of Chase Automotive Division reached profitability the chairman and president insisted was not possible; to international recognition in his international consulting firm; a top trainer in Advanced Programming and Database Development, wrote Database Developer’s Guide to Microsoft SQL Server (7); completely redirected corporate initiatives into customer focus. Besides hard work, he credits his success to constant independent learning and states that he learns from each person he meets.

Formerly, he assisted many executives and companies researching feasibility and positioning for products, divisions and companies. The list of people he directly advised includes Lee Iacocca and Alan Greenspan, and companies including Toyota, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, TRW, Fuji and Microsoft. He has been on TV and radio as an expert over 300 times and in the print media, newspapers and magazines, over 35,000 times. On one day, he appeared in 6 different articles in USA Today. And, yes, the rumor is true—he appeared in Vogue!

What others have said:

“O’Grady does a great job. … He’s a stickler for details and he’s aggressive. We listen to him. He’s not bashful in saying what he doesn’t like about the industry. But, I think he’s fair. He has the intellectual and educational background for it, and it shows,”

Don Hilty – Chief Economist, Chrysler

“He’s an irritant at times. He alternates between cheerleader and great pain in the rear. He’s taken it upon himself to call them as he sees them – much to the irritation of those in the industry at times. He’s at once a very difficult, but also a very interesting guy who you can always learn something from.”

Warren Brown – Washington Post

“Thomas is one of the most brilliant and competent marketing analysts I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Creative, innovative, dedicated. I’d hire him in a minute.”

Mike Galos – Research Program Manager, Idea Entity at Microsoft

“One of the most intelligent persons I have ever been associated with.”

Sam Gill – Professor of Information Systems, San Francisco State University

“His ability to see both the broad business picture and the detailed issues at hand was instrumental, both in the development of the tools amd programs that he and I worked on together and in driving changes undertaken by our group overall.”

Kerry Carnahan Ellis – Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation


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