Ambit Energy’s Chris Chambless – Wisdom on Resolutions and Freedom


Ambit energy’s Chris Chambless describes a little bit about life and how to reach your dream and how not to reach your dream. What is commitment? (Also see Commitment and Success)He gives us some very valuable wisdom. In this video he talks about New Year’s resolutions. He points out that these resolutions are about the life we want. Unfortunately, every year most people write the same resolutions over and over again.

Every year Chris looks at the most popular resolutions and the top 10 are always about the same. The top 10 resolutions are:

  1. lose weight
  2. save money
  3. get organized
  4. have more time with your family
  5. reduce debt
  6. exercise regularly
  7. take a vacation
  8. quit smoking
  9. more rest
  10. help others

When looking at these resolutions, they are not just about the life we want. Think about them. Each and every one of them shows something that we want to change in our life. So, they are a reflection of something that exists now that we want to change. For example, we want to reduce our weight or put money aside and get out of debt, or we realize we have not had the time to spend with our family. That means any resolution we have represents a mirror reflection of the life we have that we would like to change. But, how can we make these changes. He points out that it is almost impossible to realize these dreams when we are already working 50+ hours a week.  We all want a better life. He says, the problem is not in the desire, “the problem is in the execution,” as people rarely succeed in keeping their resolutions. Actually, he noted that only about 8 percent of people actually keep their resolutions. (Look at elite success here.)

According to Chris, it is essential to understand, “you will never have the life you want, unless you are willing to leave the life you have.” One of the most incredible applications of this was the founding fathers of this country. They knew they had to give up much of what they had and risk more in order to realize their goals. Fortunately for most of us, we might realize our goals with far less risk and giving up far less.

A list of resolutions cannot do us any good. That is only a description of where we want to go. Your goal can only be realized if you have the time to incorporate those goals in your life. Time is freedom. The only way is to be able to buy your time back through financial freedom.

Ambit Energy’s Chris Chambless emphasized he’s not talking about getting millions of dollars. By financial freedom he is emphasizing that people need enough money coming into their household to have the security to pay their bills. That is financial freedom! So, not only is Ambit Energy an energy mlm, it is the one to be working and let it work for you.

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