Ambit Energy Soars to #15 on DSA


Ambit Energy is #15 on the DSA (Direct Seller’s Association) Top Global companiesLast night at 11 pm CDT, the Direct Seller’s Association announces the global 100 largest companies. Ambit Energy hit number 15, while just over 5 years old. In the top 30 companies, the average age is over 40 years and the the other companies do business in at least 5 to 12 countries.

In an earlier post, I stated that Ambit Energy would hit the top 20, probably 16 to 18, and would grow by about 70% to about $700 million for 2011. The actual growth was 60% and with the help of some companies falling in revenue they grew to 15th place.
Ambit has hit these heights among companies while only in 6 states: TX, NY, IL, MD, PA and NJ.

Come back tomorrow for an analysis of the list of companies and what this means for the mlms, the energy mlm and where Ambit is going from here. Note if you are looking for a network marketing company, hopefully this will help. If you already have an Ambit business, this should give you some foundation and adrenalin to hit it hard over the next 6 months and see where you are at the annual convention, Ambition 2012.

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