Ambit Energy Review, Price Changes and Incumbents


Ambit Energy Review of Price changes

In this Ambit Energy Review – Ambit does not always have the lowest prices.

However, wait! Ambit Energy really does have the lowest prices!

How are these two things possible?

Remember, I am an independent Ambit Consultant. As an independent business person, I am responsible for the statements that I make, not Ambit Energy. All the comparisons I list here are the incumbent energy company’s monthly rate, they usually do not have an annual term, versus Ambit Energy’s 12 month plan. There are eight public utility companies that have changed their electricity rate. Six of these energy companies lowered their monthly prices, and one of those is currently below Ambit Energy’s 12 month rate. However, they are still slightly higher than the monthly rate for Ambit, but I don’t show monthly rates on the front page to the right. If you see some savings rates that differ from mine, you will probably find they are comparing with Ambit Energy monthly rates in some cases and 12 month terms in others.

In all my comparisons, I am using the monthly variable rate for the incumbents, such as PSE&G or PECO, while I use the 12 month rate for Ambit Energy. If I was to compare just the monthly rates, Ambit Energy would still be lower. However, my friends and I don’t want to see our customers complain to us about quick, monthly rate changes. So, I never put someone on a monthly rate unless I am ready to do two things:
1. personally watch the monthly rate for increases, and
2. be ready to move that customer/friend to the 12 month fixed rate when you think it is beneficial.

Remember, these customers are generally people you know and trust you. Be prepared to explain to them the difference between the monthly and 12 month fixed rates. As I mentioned, six out of eight of the changes in the saving rate are the result of incumbent price changes, not Ambit Energy price rate changes.

Rates will probably go up as we get closer to winter. As that happens, your customers on fixed terms will be protected. In the one case, Atlantic City Electric in NJ, where Ambit’s fixed price is higher, you must make a judgment whether you want to put your friend on the fixed rate thwarting any future price increase or put them on the monthly rate and be ready to help them as in 1 and 2 as stated in paragraph five.

This was one of the harder Ambit Energy reviews to make certain my numbers and savings are all explained appropriately. While Ambit Energy is an energy company that I believe is beyond comparison to any other Energy MLM, an Ambit Business is your own independent business or home based business that you are responsible for understanding and representing to the best of your ability. I hope this post helps in that regard.

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