Ambit Energy Review, Trajectory and Home Business Opportunity


Ambit Energy Review, Trajectory and Home Business OpportunityHow do I possibly describe the trajectory Ambit Energy is currently exhibiting? We have a confluence of amazing events. First of all, Ambit Energy is seeing annual growth in the 45% to 60% range each year (See Ambit Energy Soars to #15 on DSA, and Ambit Energy hits #1 on Inc 500. I am expecting 2012 to finish in the 45 to 50% range and 2013 could be above the 50% mark, depending on a couple of remaining items the company should accomplish over the next few months. I will give a more honed projection in a few months as we see CA opening for gas and learn a bit more about the timeframe for electricity.

Also, the market place for any energy MLM is outstanding. But, if someone was to pick a company to represent, why would they not choose the dominant company as it enters every market and then become an Ambit Energy consultant?

Let’s put this in perspective. If you were invested in some stock and just sitting back watching it, a 50% growth rate doubles every 1.44 years. Why is this important to you?

The Ambit Energy market is going to double about every eighteen months. Some consultants are going to grab that market. But. this is very different than a stock.

Another way to put it, 1/2 of the customers that will be in Ambit Energy in eighteen months are not Ambit Energy customers today.

Who will get them?

Could someone with an Ambit Energy business today see massive success over the next three years? Well, Ambit Energy should more than double in size in that time frame.

This means that a Steve Thompson, Brian McClure or any other big guy could be created over the next three years if they started today! Now, Ambit Energy California is opening in a few days.

Are you ready?

Here is an assessment and letter that Steve Thompson sent out over the weekend:

Hi Team,

What an exciting time in Ambit. Our Production has already more than doubled since Ambition (Note: that was September 1st.) and it is just picking up speed. Make sure you are doing all that you can to get the most out of the Momentum and the Double/Triple and if you were at Ambition, the Level Up Bonus!

Next month I will celebrate the 6th Birthday of my Ambit Business. Although I have had other Successes in my Business Life, none like Ambit Energy. I was not always right when I chose new ventures, but I was always working and failing my way to knowledge, skill and Success. You only have to be right one time, and we were right when we chose Ambit Energy!

I know from my experience that an opportunity like this will probably never occur again. To find it is a blessing. To take massive action is to reach for all of your Dreams in life. What we do for the next few years will (And for many of us, has) change our families lives for generations to come.

I share this now, after our 5th Ambition as we open the other coast. That is the first step in taking the country. I want so much for each of you to find the joy and Success I have, in helping others reach for the sky. DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY. Little efforts each day will compound dramatically. Massive Action over a several year period of time will change the course of your history. We all have it in our hands right now. We must act on it right now.

I am thankful each day for the blessings I continue to receive and for the thousands of people that made it possible and are now enjoying those blessings with me. Some of us are in the twilight of our career. It happens just that quickly, if you go for it. For most, the sun is just rising. Seize the opportunity. Make it yours. Do today what others won’t, and you will have tomorrow what others don’t.

I am strapping on my Tool Belt and expect to help make this the best year ever. I have dreamed of and worked toward this time in Business Life, forever. It is here. It is now. Come with me and this year we will change many thousands of lives.

Some will let this pass by. Many will watch it go by. Some, will make it happen. You choose.

See you all over Ambit Land.

Get Excited. Stay Focused. Never Quit!

To Success,

Steve (see a little about Steve at Steve Thompson Did It, Can You do it with Ambit Energy?

If you are working with another energy MLM or any other company, given these growth rates, it is not too late. When you know and see what is happening, and if you were in the stock market, you would change your portfolio. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch this happen without you. Or, even worse, don’t work in some other company, while Ambit Energy is shooting ahead (see Ambit Energy Top 20 Direct Selling Company.)

The one thing that most of us who are Ambit Energy Business Consultants want to see is, when will Ambit Energy aggressively move forward and start entering markets more quickly. That time is apparently here.

If you have any questions about this or any post or even a general inquiry, send me a note. I am always interested in helping others succeed and appreciate any feedback!

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