Ambit Energy Reaches 1 Million Customers!


Ambit Hits 1 Million Customers! The meaning for Ambit is quite incredible or should I say, credibility. At Simulcast 2013, it was announced that the millionth customer signed during December of 2012. As to credibility, there are many new territories that are still to be opened. The understanding of what deregulation is and why it is good for the customer and the country is still not understood in most of the country. It is still very new. Most people have no idea what it is and what it means.  When a new territory is opened, hitting 1 million customers demonstrates Ambit as a reputable company with 6 1/2 years of history. So, such questions as: “Is this a new company?”, “How long have they been around?” and many of the ‘what if something happens’ are really no longer relevant with Ambit Energy. Yes, in new territories Ambit consultants will always get those questions. However, reaching the million customer milestone adds significantly to the credibility of Ambit Energy and something that can be referenced whenever credibility questions are asked. The remaining questions are: “how big will it get?” and “when will it attain major milestone levels?” Those are no longer credibility issues, but rather questions about how big this opportunity really is, that is “what is the potential?”


Jenny Hoang and Dr. O'Grady

Jenny Hoang and Dr. O’Grady

Susan Hoang, Dr. O'Grady, and Bill Tu

Susan Hoang, Dr. O’Grady, and Bill Tu

Maggie Duong and Dr. O'Grady

Maggie Duong and Dr. O’Grady

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