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Ambit Energy Moves into Top 20 Direct Selling Companies in 2011Ambit Energy is on a lightning fast growth path. It is passing other well known and very good, network marketing companies at an amazing clip. Since ambit was established it has proven to be one of the fastest growing companies. Put on your seat belts, you are watching Ambit pass other companies like soaring in your Lamborghini riding on the highway passing everything in sight.

Every year the Direct Seller’s Association ranks the top 100 companies based on total revenue.

This is a great indication what companies are rising stars; which ones are maintaining their elite status and those who may be past their peak. In network marketing, where it is said that the three most important things are timing, timing and timing, these annual results can really help tell who the future winners will be.

For the past 4 years, Ambit Energy’s sales were rapidly climbing at historically high levels; generating revenue in 2010 of more than double its earnings in 2008. Matter of fact, in 2010, it was ranked #1 fastest growing company in the US with the celebrated #1 ranking in the Inc 500.

In 2008, Ambit Energy reached the 46th largest direct selling company. In 2009, it moved to number 38. At this point, the rate of growth and the rank was amazing. Why? You see, at this time, the top 37 companies ahead of Ambit Energy in the list were in as many as 20 countries. Ambit Energy was only in 3 states within the US.

Through this time to 2010, Ambit Energy passed such notable and well respected companies as Arbonne, Isagenix, Xango and Nikken.

In the DSA top 100, Ambit Energy is #31. It moved up very quickly in 2010 past such notable companies as:

Ambit Energy Independent Consultant - DSA Top 100 company

I’m an Economist and well known business analyst as the numbers are released, my forecast is that in 2011 Ambit Energy has passed many more notable companies including: MonaVie, ACN, USANA Health Sciences, PrePaid Legal, and Market America.

I expect when the numbers are released, Ambit will be in the top 20 in 2011 among direct selling companies, probably between 16th and 19th largest company according to the DSA.

Ambit Energy Independent Consultant - Top 500 company

The list is in order of size for 2010 revenue.

Now the rankings for 2011 have not been released yet. But these are my projections and mine alone based on my own analysis and the figures I am looking at which clearly shows that Ambit Energy is growing at an incredible rate.

Does this remind you of Excel Communications during the long distance deregulation? It should. The only difference is this is about 10 times the size and is still in its infancy. Remember the higher ranked companies have been selling in many countries for an average of over 40 years.

What will Ambit Energy look like in 4 to 5 more years? I leave that for another post!

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