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Ambit Energy savings is huge. It’s time to educate consumers. At least the few customers you know need to understand deregulation is a good word.

• Have you ever heard anyone complain about their electric bill?
• Is anyone curious about the late summer electric usage and bill? Can you spell air conditioning?
• Are you introducing the saving to customers in a way that doesn’t scare them away?

If you are one of the hundreds of people in your own city that are running around asking, “do you want to save money on your electric,” is it working? Look at the savings in the picture and ask why is anyone staying with the incumbent? In most cases, it is because they don’t understand what is happening with energy deregulation. It takes time for customer acceptance of change. It would go a lot faster if people understood sooner. In Texas, where Ambit Energy started 6 years ago, deregulation is well understood and a large number of customers just look for price along with companies with a strong reputation.
Ambit Energy rates with BGE, PECO, PPL, PSE&G, JCP&L, ComEd, electric savings
It will take time for people to believe that all this deregulation stuff is real and safe. So, in the meantime, those that are close to you, need to be told what has happened and that this is something that the government of their state did that benefits anyone who cares to take advantage of it. Explain to people what is in my previous post ‘Deregulation,’ or send them to this link. Make sure everyone around you understands that deregulation was done for everyone’s benefit, except maybe the monopoly that everyone calls by assorted adjectives that I can’t put in print. In general, consumers don’t like the incumbents, but they are also afraid until they understand. That will take time. It took some time in Texas, but you only need a few customers. Now, the rates will change and we don’t know how long these will last, but jump on it now.

Did you realize that in deregulated states, when a power plant goes down because of a storm or poor maintenance, the electric company can’t go to the state commission and get a rate hike? By the way, that understanding of ‘Deregulation’, is exactly why this is such a good opportunity, see ‘Evaluating a Business.’

Ambit Energy is an energy MLM. However, instead of selling it like you are selling face cream, inform the people you know. It truly is good for the economy, the future of energy choice and their pocket books. The summer time is a great time to expand the customer base. Remember electric rates can change at any time. So, move now. Later, those same customers can refer their experience to others.

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