Ambit Energy Joins the $1 Billion Dollar Company Club! Based on Estimated Ongoing Running Rate

Ambit Energy Joins the $1 Billion Dollar Company Club!

Ambit Energy Joins the $1 Billion Dollar Company Club!
Based on Estimated Ongoing Running Rate

Ambit Energy hits $1 billion running rate. That is, Ambit Energy is a billion-dollar company. Now, first let me go over what it means by running rate. Then, let’s examine the significance of being a $1 billion company both at this time and at Ambit Energy’s age.

Sometime in the next month or two Ambit will announce breaking the billion-dollar mark. They will announce that they have $1 billion in revenue over the prior 12 months. The running rate means that amount collected in one month that would equal $1 billion if it was sustained for 12 months. Ambit energy probably hit the billion-dollar running rate sometime late last summer. While these are based on estimates, they are fairly straightforward assumptions. What’s the statement you hear sometimes? You can bank on this one!

We’ve all seen their customer accounts. When Ambit announced that it had 1 million customers, it was already far surpassing the $1 billion running rate. If we are to assume that the average bill is $125, then, when those 1 million customers are up and running and pay their bills, which should be the month of February, revenue for the month would be $125 million. That is a $1.5 billion annual rate. Even if the bills only average $100 apiece, that would be a $1.2 billion annual rate.

So, Ambit Energy probably hit the $1 billion annual rate back late last summer.

Now, more importantly, how impressive is this? The story is well known that it took Microsoft 10 years to hit $1 billion. We also know that Excel, which Ambit Energy is modeled on the same structure, did it in 7 ½ years. Google did it in about 6.4 years a couple of years before Excel. Yes, that is right, before Excel. Apple was founded in 1977 reached $1 Billion in 5 years back in 1982. Now Google already has been beaten by other companies. So, Ambit Energy hits 1 billion dollars in annual revenue in approximately the same timing as Google. What does that mean. I don’t think anything more needs to be said than being in the same company as Google’s growth rate is quite an amazing accomplishment. Imagine if you could have bought Google in 1994, when it hit $1 Billion. Well, guess what, it wasn’t possible. You see, Google wasn’t even put out there as an IPO until 2004 and ended it’s first day at $100.34. But, you can participate in deregulation with a company that is moving at Google speed at the same age in its existence. That is Ambit Energy. You don’t understand the opportunity this gives you, take a nap. You must need a rest and to re-awaken.

Ambit Energy’s structure as an energy MLM was modeled after Excel Communications during the telecommunications deregulation.What even gets better is the way Ambit Energy business expands. Very different than other companies and Excel, the fact that it expands territory by territory means that new growth is from territory expansion and not limited by trying to further penetrate existing territories. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring existing territories as Texas appears to still be growing rapidly. However, when new territories are states like California, Connecticut and Massachusetts, there is no reason to assume that the growth rates that Ambit Energy has in the recent past from 40 to 60 percent could not be sustained and even exceeded in each of the next few years.

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