Ambit Energy – After Its #1 Inc 500 Rating, Raises Growth Rate to near 70%


I’ve been asked how fast a Lamborghini is. Ok, I used it as an analogy in a previous blog post (Ambit Energy Moves into Top 20). If you were about to go into business, would YOU choose the fastest growth possible or something sedentary? That is, if you want to race through the day, do you choose a Lamborghini or a Chevy Volt? If your choice is a sedentary one, this news is not for you.

The most interesting part to Ambit hitting #1 on the Inc. 500 (see – Ambit hits #1 on Inc 500) is that it was a retrenchment year of rebuilding systems to prepare for greater expansion. Most will assume that the slower growth rate was natural as the company gets larger, it is harder to grow by large percentages. That is usually true and will be true in the future. However, when Ambit Energy’s final revenue is released in the DSA rankings, I expect its rate of growth to dwarf the 2 year rate of growth ending in the Inc 500 status at #1. No, it won’t get to that high ranking again on the Inc 500, which is based on a 3 year rate and very small first year revenue.

Ambit Energy will have a growth rate from 2010 to 2011 of approximately 70 percent. I’m also expecting Ambit Energy to grow by at least another 40+% during 2012. Now, that’s a great investment.

You are working your butt off. Don’t you want to know that the company is doing the same? So you have two parts to the growth of your business: 1. How much and how smart you are working, and 2. How fast the company is moving along with you.  Many people can work hard and smart, but don’t you want to be in one of fastest investment vehicles around?

Let’s say you were to invest in the stock market. Would you pick a stock that is growing and expected to grow rapidly or one that is stable or even shrinking? Of course you want the one that is growing. Keep in mind that a network marketing company does not pay you dividends on your investment. You must grow your business and reap residuals from your customer growth.

Here are the Fastest Growing Companies Among the Direct Seller’s Association (DSA) Top 40*

*Some companies were omitted if there was no 2 year data available.

Well, if you are considering one of the several big well-known companies for your future income, you should have some serious reason, other than growth

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