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My Intentions in this Blog.

This site just reflects my interests, personal, philosophical and most importantly business. My approach to the things is a little different. As an Economist, I always focus on causality, i.e. going to the root causes of outcomes. Just as your Doctor would focus on what causes your symptoms, e.g. the cause of the pain in your abdomen, not just relieving the pain. Someone trying to hire people said to me, people out of school in the last three years, can’t think 3 steps ahead. Well, I replied, unfortunately, most people given something that exists today, can’t or don’t bother to go back and figure out what caused the outcome. Surprisingly, the answers are all right there.

In Economics, some are:

  • what causes the high costs of health care? Not just, people have trouble paying for it, therefore we provide it.
  • When a University adds a popular course, why does it lose money?
  • How demographics will cause home based business to skyrocket over the next 10 years?
  • Why in 1975, I knew demographics would cause low unemployment and there would be strong growth during the ’90s.
  • Why Real Estate may be the savior for most people’s savings in a few years?

Unfortunately, most people feel pain as soon as they move out of their comfort zone and growth or education, by definition, is moving outside one’s comfort zone. Explanations sometimes require more than a sound bite.

A Little Bit of How I Got to Where I am Today

In the 70’s while getting by PhD at UC Berkeley, I forecast the inflow of population into the center cities and bought downtown apartment buildings in San Francisco. Forecast the increase value in Hotels in the 80’s; while in the 70’s predicted the fast growth for the late 80’s and 90’s; in 2005, a couple of years before the collapse, forecast the collapse of real estate ; and hope to bring along friends on the next real estate recovery and other unique situations, whether I’m in them or not. This blog is more about what I believe is happening and what are the underlying causes. I mostly like to focus on the causality.

About Me – Thomas F. O’Grady, PhD

PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics from UC Berkeley and a BA from Hofstra University

Past Work

Strategic positioning, feasibility and potential for products, corporate divisions and companies and people for 25 years. For example, some of the original positioning for Lexus Division of Toyota, Chrysler Advantage campaign, sp2 for Windows XP. Called the demise of Oldsmobile 9 years beforehand – awarded it the ‘black hole award’, based on its repositioning plan. Forecast the implosion of GM, widely quoted in major media, a decade beforehand, if it fell below 30% market share. Advisor to major corporate CEOs, e.g. Lee Iacocca, Allan Greenspan, Fuji, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi…..

Built 3 companies, one of which was in Europe and Asia as well as the US.

Dr. Thomas O’Grady appeared as an expert on numerous national network television shows, all major networks, over 300 times on tv and radio, and over 30,000 times in the print media.


In 2006 and for the future, I am focusing on income and wealth for my wife and I as we approach retirement years. With my mother living until 93, I suddenly realized that I need to have both the resources and a steady income stream that lasts. Time to protect my family further for the future. I really have two blogs. This specific one reflects on one project I am working that if someone had the motivation and either their own location or locations of people they know were appropriate, this would be very beneficial.


Disclaimer: The analysis, views and opinions expressed in this blog are personally my own and do not necessarily reflect nor are meant to imply in any way they are the opinions of Ambit Energy.I am an Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy. Analogies used are to assist with general understanding of the postings and are only to be examples.

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